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Working For Your Benefit

Successful film and video production demands more than hard work on the day. At Bole Productions, we invest time before your event to prevent any unwelcome surprises.

Our established systems and processes:

  • We strive to clearly understand your objectives from the outset. Every project starts with an indepth discussion to establish your goals, budget and timeframes. Do you want information about your company background and interviews with directors? Do you simply want to record an event for those unable to attend? Do you wish to embed snippets on your website to educate your clients? Or do you plan to package and sell the video?
  • We send out the proposal and quote and address any questions you may have.
  • We listen carefully to your vision and transform your ideas into a production plan involving research, scripting, scheduling and shot lists.
  • We visit the venue and meet with coordinators before the event to address any potential challenges in advance.
  • Production involves the actual filming of your video or short film.
  • We begin the final stage of editing, drafting and sending you a mock up to have input in the final product. Changes are made based on your preferences and feedback and the final touches are made.
  • The final master is available as well as duplicates if requested.